Unwind in the tranquil ambiance of Elements Aqua with our soothing massage therapies. Our skilled therapists are devoted to providing a relaxing escape, using techniques that alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body. Indulge in this serene retreat, where each session is a step towards total relaxation

Deep Tissue

Helps treat chronic pain and muscle and sports-related injuries. Targets
inner layers of your muscles.


helps to promote relaxation and blood circulation by releasing tension. Loosens
up tight muscles with a lot of tension such as lower back, shoulders, and neck.

Cupping Therapy

Therapeutic technique that promotes healing and relaxation by placing
cups on the skin to create suction. They target both physical and energetic aspects of the
body. Helps with pain relief, headache and migraine relief, inflammation reduction,
detoxification, increased range of motion, alleviation of nausea, improved immune
function, muscle tension release, respiratory relief, and improved digestion.

Trigger Point

A soft-tissue treatment that helps release tense, painful knots in your
muscles and fascia (web of connective tissue) by increasing blood flow and muscle
release. This is done through isolated pressure and release.