Laser Treatments

InMode Optimas

InMode Evolve

Cutera XEO

A customizable, multi-application laser+light based platform designed to treat the widest range of today’s most common nonsurgical aesthetic concerns – veins, pigment, wrinkles, hair removal, and skin revitalization with a single robust aesthetic device.

Areas and concerns that can be treated include acne scars, age spots, angiomas, compromised skin, deep dermal heating, freckles, inflammatory active acne, hair removal, lentigines, photodamage, poikiloderma, rosacea, scar reduction, facial veins, leg veins, periorbital veins, venous lakes, warts and wrinkles.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive procedure, for people of all ages and skin tones, that stimulates
collagen production by heating the dermis under the skin. It is described by people to feel like a
gentle soothing warm sensation on the face and is also known as the “lunch break procedure”
because it only takes 30 minutes to be done with no downtime. Its primary use is to fade
scarring, redness, broken blood vessels, and improve the look of rosacea, but it can also help to
reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores giving you a more brighter and
youthful look.

Cutera TruSculpt iD

The revolutionary, non-invasive, monopolar RF body sculpting platform offers a personalized solution with an optimal experience and proven results in as little as one 15-minute hands-free treatment. This technology is clinically proven to provide an average of 24% fat reduction and tailors to the patients’ individual needs.

Targeted areas include but are not limited to : abdominal lipolysis, abdominal and flank circumference reduction and deep dermal heating.