Functional Medicine Diagnostics

Elements Aqua MedSpa in Port Isabel, TX offers functional medicine diagnostics and treatments to address and improve the underlying causes of chronic illnesses, conditions and pain. With our cutting-edge diagnostics we will evaluate all aspects of your physiology, environment, genetics and lifestyle to determine their impact on your health. Our goal is to provide you with answers and the innovative care you are looking for to help you feel your best.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine provides holistic, individualized and natural treatments to address and heal the underlying causes of illness. It is used to help patients improve chronic conditions and pain as well as to help patients seeking to enhance their wellness or achieve optimal health. Functional medicine is often used to help patients who have “exhausted all other options” and to treat health concerns that have not improved with symptom-based or traditional treatments. Also referred to as the “medicine of why,” it addresses underlying causes of your condition through a systems-oriented approach. What makes this practice of medicine different than conventional medicine is its focus on the whole person rather than simply treating isolated symptoms of independent organs. This patient-centered approach leads to more permanent solutions and optimal wellness.

Functional medicine involves a comprehensive, multi-system analysis, which can include biochemical and genetic analysis. Through a series of testing such as blood, urine, saliva, serum and stool analysis, functional medicine practitioners can detect physiological abnormalities, illnesses, sensitivities and underlying conditions and processes at the root of health problems and symptoms. By treating these underlying conditions with individualized nutrition therapy (including diet, nutrition supplementation, IV nutrition therapy and other treatments) and natural treatments, functional medicine can provide the long term solutions to illnesses and symptoms, without the side effects of drugs or surgery.

What We See

Our medical team treats a large variety of conditions and health needs. Patients seeking functional medicine services often suffer from symptoms such as:

Some of the underlying conditions that our patients report making progress with, include:

At Elements Aqua MedSpa in Port Isabel, we take a comprehensive, individualized and in-depth approach to getting to the root causes of your illnesses and chronic conditions. Our focus is on the unique biochemical aspects of each client so that we can provide you targeted therapies and education to fit your health needs and help you regain new vitality and health.

How We Can Help

We know that long-lasting and effective health solutions take time and partnership and our committed team is with you every step of the way. Our functional medicine services are effective, evidence-based and personalized to you and your condition. We develop a plan of action that is customized to our patients to help them achieve and maintain their optimal health. Contact Elements Aqua MedSpa in Port Isabel, TX today and learn how our team can help you feel your best with our functional medicine diagnostics and individualized treatment.